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    Brand New Bike - No start

    Just bought a new (zero kms) 2003 gsxr 750 2 weeks ago and every time I go to start it (cold) it fires and idles at about 1400 then stalls, second time runs a bit longer same rpm and stalls, third time same thing but might stay running, usually the fourth time it will stay running so I can warm it up. The bike has been the shop all week (warranty) and they still have no idea what the problem is. There is also some hesitation in the low rpms. Since I have owned it I put on 800kms it has never idled by itself above 1400 rpm. My buddy with a 05 sv650s starts his bike and it runs up to 3000rpm and slowly backs itself down to 1500 at which point it is ready to run.

    Any ideas that you guys have that might be able to help out would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Maybe the idle adjustment is all borked up and its going to 1400 instead of 3000, then trying to go to some rediculously low rpm for normal idle and stalling?

    Or the tipover switch! (Right Jayson??)
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    do the 03 gixxers have an automatic or manual choke?
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    Try another dealership? Has the bike been compression tested? Is everything set to spec including throttle body? Bad fuel injection? Bad spark?

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    I'm no expert but it sounds like it might be running a bit lean, especially when cold. Could be the temperature sensor for the fuel injection.

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