Duffy Lake condition??
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Thread: Duffy Lake condition??

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    Duffy Lake condition??

    Planning a ride up the interior and was wondering if anyone could give me some information on the condition of Duffy Lake Road.

    Also, how about the North Cascades (sp?)

    Any info will help, thanks


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    Duffy is never 100% in my mind. The road has bumps in the pavement in stupid spots. There's a bit of gravel and some large rocks in some spots still. Pavement feels worse than last year.
    The scenery is an awesome sight though.
    Now... bring me that horizon.

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    I went through there about a week ago i did not find it bad,But keep in mind it is a mountain road so as such you should be aware.There was a sweeper cleaning the road so it might be even better now.

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    Thanks, I agree that this road is never 100%. It's bumpy and nasty in quite a few spots. But, it is better than going down the hwy. I was still concerned about snow and washouts.

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    Len!! Glad to hear you're coming back to the mainland.
    Definitely send me a PM when you're planning on doing this route and I'll meet you in Squamish or something.
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    Matt James
    I did the Duffy Lake Rd last week and the week before that. The climb outside of Pemberton is clear but it quickly turns to rough pavement and gravel for the high elevation sections. Nothing too nasty but take it slow. After passing Duffy Lake itself the road clears up and it's good riding albeit a tad bumpy in spots. The road needs some new blacktop and from what I hear it's on the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt James
    The road needs some new blacktop and from what I hear it's on the way.
    Oh, shit, what a mess...and I'm at work. Guess I gotta use paper towel.

    Hey, hey, hey...what would be awesome is if they spent a wad on it and just straightened the living shit out of it. Oh, and made it 2 lanes each way. That would rock! Yesssss.

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    That road with new blacktop would be very sweet

    (better than getting "another" tankslapper)
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    Watch out for Deer... Did it Saturday last week. Had 3 Deer hangin out in the middle of the road, some gravel in the worst of the corners but all in all if you are ready for it then you will be fine.. just slow down a little more than normal.

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