Dumb question about photo section
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Thread: Dumb question about photo section

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    Dumb question about photo section

    I am not sure how to get that little link to my photo gallery. The "photos" that shows up under your avatar and info.....

    I know there is something simple I am missing.....let the flaming begin!

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    Actually it's not so simple. There are some other threads on this and I'll try to find'em.

    Firstly, you are not alone and the problem isn't something that can be fixed on our end. The solution is to create a link to your gallery like I have below.

    I'll see if I can send you some instructions to your PM.
    My Photo Gallery!

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    I did read that thread and I still had no luck...

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    Thank you Madman :)

    You're my hero!!! Didn't know about the other button!!

    Ummm I guess now I should put something very exciting in my gallery after all of that !!!

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