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    surveillance cam

    Anyone know of a relatively cheap camera that can hook up to yer computer?

    wire or wireless i dont care.... maybe even have it so you can connect via any computer??

    Im not tech smart by any means, but would like to have a 'hidden' cam that i can pull up on my lap top and view my bikes rather than running down a few flights of stairs everytime a cat jumps on the bikes and sets off the alarms!


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    You can get them at Rat Shack, London Drugs or the Spy Shop. A single cam will get you for about 150 for all the stuff you need. Whats cool about it is most have a built in motion detector and will start recording to your hard drive when it sees movement, so if the pricks still get your bike you got the whole thing "taped" so to speak.

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    i would opt fot the wireless 802.11b just because it needs no wires and will be easier to mount in the location that you want. any computer store will have them... or even some spy stores.

    good luck

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    get any cheap- decent web cam and msg me if your interested ill find you programs that can do anything including making your web cam a motion detected security camera poised to start with motion and stop when none is detected with statistics etc.
    Ive got big doggs and a bat so I sacrifice and use my web cam as a porn capturing device to facilate my expensive riding habit and budding acting career

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