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    Understanding media

    Headline reads:

    Fewer Trucks on Road

    If you don't read it carefully or are not already aware of the issue you might think that there are fewer trucks on the road.

    Not true. Actually there are fewer trucks, but more of them are on the road. Head line should read:

    More Trucks on the road with heavier loads.

    (actually that isn't the best link but that site does show more trucks, more stuff and by drivers driving more hours)

    Something to keep in mind when you hear something in the media, often it is misleading and often it is out right false. Do your research before taking a position or letting the headlines sway your opinion.

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    Ya kind of like the fact that there are less students in schools but they complain about less teachers. Or that our hospitals are busier but in fact there are more old people going in for surgery in record numbers. I guess they gotta sell papers...

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