I have two identical Telus contracts and phones (my wife's and mine) free for the taking.

The phones are two Audiovox CDM8900 camera phones (non-refurbished). They are both in great condition. They have a two year extended warranty that covers accidental damage (cost me $85 per phone).

The plans that are on both phones does not technically exist in Alberta. It is BC's Talk 20. Which means you get $5 off per month on the Talk 20. But you can of course change the plan to whatever you want.

There is currently just over 2 years left on the contracts. You can take one OR both.

Telus has told me they will waive the $25 transfer fee as well. Which means you will pay absolutley NOTHING to take this plan over.

Any questions? Email me at mr.daveharris@gmail.com.