Is a camera safe when mounted to a bike?
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Thread: Is a camera safe when mounted to a bike?

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    Is a camera safe when mounted to a bike?

    My buddy's dad just got a new miniDV video camera. I'm wondering if I mounted it to a bike for a tank cam video or something, would the camera possibly be damaged by the vibration?

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    DUH! Of course it might. It also might be damaged by a getoff, or by a flying rock, or by rain/sand/dust. If you have a magnetic tank bag it might get screwed up by the magnets (lots of tiny moving metal parts in some of those cameras). You had probably better get your own camera to play with, IMHO.

    I built up a dedicated tank bag with a foam block with cutouts to hold the camera (crash/vibration/rain/dust/rock protection) and then purchased a separate helmet-mounted "lipstic" camera...called that because it's a bit larger than a lipstick thingy. That combination works great, but it cost a lot and the battery management is a bit rediculous. I have refinements to make, yet.

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    I had my camera mounted to my tank (homemade mount) for at least 10 hours of vid last year...and no damage.

    I would recommend the following..make sure the mount is not completely rigid, mine simply had some rags underneath it to give it some suspension....also you have to set the thing to Manual focus otherwise the autofocus will 'hunt' as soon as the vibration takes over....even in auto it will only blur at a certain RPM/speed combo. mine was around the magical 80-110 KMH

    The dangerous part is if you dare to fiddle with the thing, unless stopped. Don't fiidle unless yor don't want to capture an inatentive mistake.
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