Hey folks! I did a bad thing....I low-sided a friends ride. Luckily it had recently gone down on the other side a number of weeks prior. Needless to say I need to make a peace offering by replacing the right fairing (as well as the left as a show of good faith). The issue is that the cheapest I've found both these parts for in Canada is $500.00 a side. So here is the 2-part question:

1. Does anyone have access to the right side/or both fairings for an '01 Kawasaki ZX6 Ninja (blue with decals) in new condition; or know where I could look?

2. I have found that the US California model of this bike has VERY cheap replacement parts (about half of Canadian prices). I would like to go this direction but no one on either side of the border can give me a straight answer on whether or not the US part is conpatible with this Canadian model bike. The bike is a Kawasaki ZX6 J2 (canadian designation) Ninja in CL Blue (Candy Lightning is the official stock colour)

Canadian OEM part number: 55050-5419-E1 (right fairing painted/decaled)
USA OEM part number: 55028-1396-EI (right fairing painted/decaled)

*sigh.... anyone have any ideas?!?!