Q:honda second service important???
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Thread: Q:honda second service important???

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    Q:honda second service important???

    i'm due for my second service. i checked the service manual, and the only things that NEED to be done are just the inspection of parts (like brake pads etc). my warranty is running out anyways, should i get my bike serviced properly?

    the funny thing is, after the 1000k service, the manual says i don't HAVE to change the oil/filter until 12.8k!!! i'm gonna change the oil regardless.

    so my question is, is it worth it to get my 2nd service done professionally??? it just consists of a bunch of part inspections.

    all suggestions welcomed, and appreciated. thanx

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    I would and did $131.00. But I don't have the tools or room to do it myself. Plus I have the extended wrnty

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    if you are comfy then just do an oil & filter change yourself, assuming you are past 5,000kms I would highly recommend you now switch from mineral to semi-synthetic oil, like Motul 5100 and change the spark plugs yourself....it's relatively easy...
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