1979 cb 750 - dads bike
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Thread: 1979 cb 750 - dads bike

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    1979 cb 750 - dads bike

    my dad is having some issues with his cb 750. the bike has only 20,000 km on it and its a starting problem

    ever since we've had it, its been really hard to start. it takes about 15 seconds for it to actually start. but it constantly dies and dies. it sounds like it running on 1-3 cylinders or something. it takes a good 5 minutes for the bike to finally start running smoothly. its hesitating to fire on all cylinders, it finally will run fine after a few minutes
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    Sounds like it's in need of a good carb cleanout and possible rebuilding along with a general tuneup. Check the rubber carb to head joiner manifolds for surface or deep cracks that are causeing air leaks. Check the needles and needle jets to ensure they are not worn. Set up the carb floats to proper height. Have them synched. New plugs and points (I think they had points in those days but if not then this isn't an issue). Probably needs new spark leads too. Old leads often develop cracks or breakdown so the spark does not stay in the wires and get to the plugs properley. The compression should probably be tested as well. These engines can last almost forever with decent care but it's hard to know what the history of the bike is. Long term storage can often lead to ring sealing issues.
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