I'm back on the road!
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Thread: I'm back on the road!

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    I'm back on the road!

    Insurance rates are expensive blah blah blahhhhhhhhhh! oh well bike is back on the road, and I didn't have to sacrafice my cage insurance to do it. Other than when I get caught in the rain riding, that ia the only tim I will do it, other than that I like my comfy car for the foul wheather.

    I slapped on autoplan 12 on the bike, raced home slapped on the decals, geared up, and went out riding just in time for it to start pissing! Well it was nice for a while today

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    Yup, now you just have to sacrifice some animals to the Rain God.

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    Yup,you hit the nail on the head Vince,the rain Gods demand a sacrifice or a shrubbery
    we need a victim.... I vote for Ducanti ,he's small, kind of a furry animal like thing,can be found scurrring around in the shadows picking up crumbs.

    Quote Originally Posted by VTwinVince
    Yup, now you just have to sacrifice some animals to the Rain God.

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