Is there any group rides in the Okanogan?
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Thread: Is there any group rides in the Okanogan?

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    Is there any group rides in the Okanogan?

    I don't know that many people that ride. So if there is any weekly/bi-weekly rips, I'm in the dark. So I figured I see if I could gather a group of area peps (Penticton-Kelowna-Vernon-Salmon Arm-Kamloops) that would wanna get together and tackle a trip once a week/two weeks.

    I've thrown out a Nakusp loop trip out there in Interior Riders Click Here On Sunday May 29th Check it out if interested. Any newb(s) that at least have their MST that want the experiance but think they'll get left behind, no worries I don't mind riding with ya(s).

    And if theres a group out there gimme a shout. I dont push others limits. I have as much fun at the "suggested" speed limit as I do @ double the limit when I'm with other riders. Heh just as long as the meeting isn't held @ Starbux Im in like flyn!
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    Yeah Im down ! Lets go
    You know my #
    Im ready anytime the next few days we should go up HWY 33 to Big White

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