Queen Defects to Liberals

After the Belinda Stronach shocker, the Liberal Government got yet another
boost today as Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, announced that she too
has defected to the Liberal party.

"I have always been a capital 'L' Liberal at heart," proclaimed her Majesty,
immediately after her plane touched down in Regina to celebrate Saskatchewan
and Alberta's centennial anniversary in confederation. "I strongly believe in
Paul Martin's vision for Canada."

The Queen, who, as...Queen, has traditionally steered clear of partisan
politics (a notable exception being when she ran unsuccessfully for the Welsh
nationalist Plaid Cymru party in the 1983 British general election), insisted
that she wasn't made any offers of a cabinet position by the Prime Minister,
nor was she expecting to be named to the Martin cabinet.

"The Prime Minister made no promises," said the 79-year-old head of state.
"There's a lot of talent in the Liberal cabinet, and I don't want to bump out
anyone more deserving who has more seniority and experience than I do.

"I am simply following my convictions. I'm just thrilled to be part of the
Liberal team."

Prime Minister Paul Martin, who flew abruptly to Saskatchewan for the Queen's
stunning announcement, was visibly jubilant about his abrupt reversal of

Exclaimed the Prime Minister: "Christ, am I on a roll or what?"

A shell-shocked Stephen Harper refused comment.