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    The seven dwarfs win a competition to visit the Pope in Rome. When they arrive at the Vatican and are about to be introduced to the big man himself, Dopey pushes his way to the front in order to speak to the Pontiff first.

    Once at the front Dopey asks the Holy Father, "How many nuns do you have in England that are dwarfs?"

    The Pope looks a lttle bemused at this strange question, so turns to one of his advisors who answers that there are no dwarf nuns in England.

    "How many dwarf nuns are there in Europe then?" asks Dopey.

    Again His Holiness looks to an advisor, who answers that there are no dwarf nuns in Europe.

    With this response the rest of the dwarfs start to laugh uncontrollably.

    Getting agitated Dopey finally asks, "How many dwarf nuns are there in the whole world?"

    Again the Pope turns to an advisor, who says there are no dwarf nuns in the whole world.

    At this response, the laughter from the other six dwarfs gets even louder and then they all join in with a chorus of "Dopey shagged a penguin, Dopey shagged a penguin..."

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    Good one!

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