Pacific Raceways (Seattle) Track Day- Wed May 25
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Thread: Pacific Raceways (Seattle) Track Day- Wed May 25

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    Pacific Raceways (Seattle) Track Day- Wed May 25

    We need more folks to make this work. It's a great opportunity to come out and try a new and higher speed track.

    Last I heard Dat and Mark Kramer will both be there to lead and help folks that are not familiar with the track for the first session or two. SOME previous track experience, be it a few Boundry Bay events or a race course, is pretty much a requirement but don't think you need to be a hard core racer to come out and ride.

    For more details see the Super Spiky's post #37 on page 3 of THIS THREAD .

    Cost is $160 US and it looks like we'll get plenty of track time in a fun and non pressured venue. It looks like we may only just get enough riders and I can say with assurance that if we only have 15 to 20 riders that the track is large enough that there will be absolutely NO crowding issues. So if you're worried about some guy diving in on you at a corner set your mind at ease.

    I've got room in my truck for another bike and rider and plan on going down the night before as the start is so early (7am) and I need my beauty sleep. PM me if you are interested and get your phone call into Super Spiky at the earliest time you can so we can make this work.
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    Listen to Bruce, he knows what he's talking about.

    If I could take the time off, I'd go for Seattle again in a heartbeat! If I had time to take off, I'd be at Mission right now too!

    I rode it for the first time last year and it was totally awesome, despite the slightly wet conditions.

    And the cost...$160 USD is hella-cheap! (do the cool people say "hella" anymore?)

    I wish I was going.

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