buddies bike has a bad flat spot right in the middle of the powerband...
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Thread: buddies bike has a bad flat spot right in the middle of the powerband...

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    buddies bike has a bad flat spot right in the middle of the powerband...

    I'm curious as to what could be the cause. The bike is a '82 Kawasaki GPZ550. It has an MAC pipe on it which is aftermarket. When accelerating it pulls well initially but right at about 5400-5500 the bike doesn't pull as hard. When the revs get past 6500 it comes alive again and hauls all the way to redline which is about 9000rpm approximately.
    Could a shop fix this? Will it be expencive?

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    With the Macs pipe and perhaps a couple of other mods it may be in need of a jet kit. Or he may get away with just shimming the needles or altering the float level a little. Either way it needs a tuner to work with it.

    It also means more than one trip into the carbs so if you have a mechanic doing the work it could get quite expensive. If he can do it himself it's just a lot of time.
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    Barring anything else being wrong, the needle transition is probably to shallow for the air demands of the engine. A change of needle and seat, or a raising of the needle may help with mid-range flat spots.

    A 1000 rpm flat spot is pretty bad. I'd be disassembling the carbs and making sure everything was actually all right in there so, I'm not trying to tune around a mechanical problem. A good example is the needles in old bikes wear themselves and the seats pretty badly and can lead to all kinds of mixture mess ups.

    It could be expensive if a shop looks into this, as there's no way of knowing what's actually wrong.


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