Wilmington, N.C. The long known Canadian angle in the UN oil for food scandal will never come under the microscope. That's as far as the Liberal Party of Canada is concerned.

Some Canadians are thought to have played a pivotal if not leading role in the oil-for-food imbroglio. Maurice Strong, caught up in the scandal because of his association with "Koreagate Man" Tongsun Park, charged last month by American authorities, is a senior adviser to both Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Then there is the Desmarais family of the Montreal-based Power Corporation and their ties to BNP Paris, Saddam Hussein's favourite bank.

Both Strong and his protégé Prime Minister Paul Martin once worked for Power Corporation.
Martin is a part owner of Cordex Petroleum Inc., whose principals accepted $1-million from Saddam Hussein.