Seattle Museum of flight.
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Thread: Seattle Museum of flight.

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    Seattle Museum of flight.

    A great destination for the air-enthusiast.
    The picture is of the "Great Hall" but they now have a huge wing of WW1 & WW2, including a large outdoor display with the Concord.
    Second only to the Smythsonian and only 2 hours away.
    Plan for a whole day!

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    cool, I'm going to check that out on my next weekend to Seattle. thx
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    The coolest and fastest plane ever built
    Nice Pic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shovelhead
    SR-71The coolest and fastest plane ever built
    Actually, neither are true. Even after the SR-71 lands, the skins are too hot to touch for a while. And there have been faster planes built since... Apart from the Space Shuttle, which is more a glider, there's the X-43.

    Nice Pic.
    Except for the date in the lower corner, it is an excellent photo. Nobody should have this "feature" turned on in a camera anymore... Digital cameras store the date with the file, and all of the Analog film processors (that i've seen) stamp photos with the date of processing on the back.
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    Blackbird =

    Isn't the Blackbird's top speed Top Secret?
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    It opens at 10 and closes at 6, and I'd recomend the whole day because we never even got to the outside displays.
    This was one of my fav's.

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    Ride another couple of hours further south and you can see the Spruce Goose, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spike
    Except for the date in the lower corner, it is an excellent photo. Nobody should have this "feature" turned on in a camera anymore.
    Maybe he doesn't. The pic is 5 years old according to the date. I believe the intention of the post was to draw out attention to the Museum of Flight, not to solicit criticism of his camera or split hairs about the etymology of the word "cool".
    What was it all about?

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    Thanks Bill. The blimp hangers at tillamook was one of the first trips I made on a bike. Evergreen aviation was just rebuilding the building at the time and the spruce goose was still under wraps.

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    Definately going to check it out this summer. Thanks!

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    Great stuff, thanks for posting. I will definitely check this out.

    If any of you go to Munich there's a technological museum there with similarly old aircraft, plus really ancient computers, a cutaway submarine and loads of other vintage techno-geek gadgets. Highly recommended if you like this kind of thing.

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    I never even knew that place existed. I'll have to check it out.
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    Bill, great call.
    Maybe it's not such a shame you didn't get to see it all this time - good excuse for another trip. Do they still have the old Air Force One 707? That's a fascinating "must see", don't miss it next time.
    When I worked at Boeing I briefly volunteered in the restoaration centre for the museum, based in Everett. There was some really interesting stuff in there as well.
    I had heard that the F104 Starfighters wings were so thin that they had to have protective covers put on the leading edge to protect ground crew from injury. They had one of these in the resto centre and it was fascinatig to finally see this plane up close and personal. Sure enough, the leading edges are sharp. The wing is only 4" thick at it's root. Basically just an engine with fins!
    Let me know next time you're going - I'd like to join you if that's OK.
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    These are the places Bill mentioned and they are well worth a look:

    Go down the coast to Tillamook Bay, Oregon and check these out.
    These are the largest free standing wooden buildings in the world.

    "The hangars themselves were of colossal proportions. Hangar B, at 1,072 feet long, 296 feet wide and 192 feet tall (over 21 stories tall, 1/5 mile long and a football field wide), is the Port's country skyscraper today, easily dominating the skyline south of town. The enormous doors measure 120 feet tall, and weigh 180 tons each. When they are open, they provide an opening 220 feet wide."

    Close by in McMinnville, Oregon is Evergreen Aviation who have a great museum built around the Spruce Goose.

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    The 707 was part of the outdoor display because I didn't see it inside.
    They had a starfighter there but my picture is too big to load. You're probably right about the wings because this one was hanging from the rafters.
    One thing missing was some of the helo's that Boeing makes.

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