Anyone here play Ice hockey??
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Thread: Anyone here play Ice hockey??

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    Anyone here play Ice hockey??

    Hey folks. I'm looking to join a drop in or league for the upcoming season. I'm kinda a newbie so I"m looking for beginner or intermediate level or even just friendly pickup hockey every so often. Didn't get to play last season so itching to get some ice time this season.

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    i play... well roller hockey lol during the spring/summer months.

    In the off season (fall/winter), i train/practice on ice by going to regular stick and puck or drop-in games at GPF (Great Pacific Forum) in Delta.

    they have a website:

    several leagues you can join and stuff, take a look.
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    Nope,I`d fall off the skates .Need skates with outriggers(training blades).

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    I just throw my stick around, trip ya up, and score on my own goal.

    I dislike playing most team sports.
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    if you do find a team/league let me know I would be interest in playing as well but only have 2 years experience, and haven't been on skates for a year.
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