How do I size a jacket for a woman?
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Thread: How do I size a jacket for a woman?

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    Question How do I size a jacket for a woman?

    a good friend of mine wants to get a motorbike, and I'd like to make sure she has at least some protection ie gloves and jacket in addition to the mandated helmet. Twist is, she's in Barbados where they do not have a selection of riding gear. And when I say they don't have any, I mean they don't--period. Forget leathers as well--way too hot. Something along the lines of these:
    (I like the JR Phoenix because it's not dark and won't absorb the sun as much).

    She can send me her dimensions, but how do they translate? I suspect that a '42' for Joe Rocket might be different than a '42' from another manufacturer. I also hope/suspect that mesh jackets don't need to be as snug. I'm going back down in a few months but I'm getting the ball rolling now since I suspect this may take a while.

    Can anyone provide some pointers? Is the lengendary Amber available for advice?

    Thanks for any info you gals can provide.


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    I used to sew my own clothes - so I hope this helps.
    Yes - manufacturer's sizes do differ. The best is to send the measurements to the manufacturer and let them tell you which is best. As well, Joe Rocket and other's do make Women's jackets. Can she get the jacket specified in a Woman's size?

    The measurements to take are as follows:

    upperchest - (under the armpits and way above the nipples across the ribs)
    chest (widest part - across the nipples)
    waist (usually across the belly button area)
    back length (wrap a tape measure around the waist - with another tape measure -measure down the back from the large bone in the neck (C7) down the spine to the tape measured waist line.)
    Hip measurement (for longer jackets) but I don't think you'll need this one.
    Shoulder width (shoulder bone across the back to shoulder bone)
    Arm length. Shoulder bone to elbow, elbow to wrist.

    and for gloves - measure wrist
    around the knuckles - hand open.
    length from wrist to tip of middle finger.

    take care,

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