Adscam: $355 Million missing
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Thread: Adscam: $355 Million missing

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    Adscam: $355 Million missing

    [ News Staff
    The total amount of money lost in the sponsorship scandal now appears to be $355 million -- more than $100 million than was originally thought.]

    (So is this still an insignificant amount? How do you feel about you're taxes now?)

    Here is a very good explanation of this mess:

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    That's $10 they took out of everyone's pocket.

    I think Gordo gave that much back to me in provincial tax breaks per month.

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    That's not even one of the largest rip offs. In the 90's we were getting reports of BILLIONS being stolen or wasted, HRDC for example. A multi-billion dollar scam. Unemployment insurance, tens of Billions handed out based on politics, billions wasted.

    Yet, like many third world counties, the braindead masses keep voting for "strong" leadership. At least our "strong" leadership can't use the army to keep us in line, if heaven forbid we try to vote them out.

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    Add the Gun registry to the lengthy list of Liberal scams... 2 Billion dollars, and if you think it was worth it... keep in mind we registered a soldering gun in Manitoba under that system, got the paper and everything to prove it.

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    This report also proves that this was not done by some well meaning but crooked fringe people. This was done by the Prime Minister, the Treasury Board and Public Works Dept. specifically to hide the money and the paper trail.

    I can see no reason why all that money cannot be recovered.

    Much of the report and analysis can be found here:

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    Oh, and if you're like me, you have trouble remembering all the scandals, (and spelling)
    here is a handy reference site for Liberal Scandals:

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