Questions concerning my smashed up f4i
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Thread: Questions concerning my smashed up f4i

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    Question Questions concerning my smashed up f4i

    so last year i started riding... it was awesome, really nothing like it - and i should mention.. while insuring my bike i elected NOT to get collision -- then comes a few months later..

    i was cut off by a driver and smashed up my bike pretty good - easily fixed IF i didn't hit him from behind (which kind of makes it an uphill battle for me) so as of now ive since gone to court and got off the ticket i was issued *while i was in the hospital dying* haha for driving with undue care and im just waiting for icbc's response to whos fault it is -- in the meantime i've got my bike, which i can sell (icbc has told me this) but not really sure where to start with it

    the front end got messed.. forks bent back.. front wheel is like mashed up into the radiator and the triple tree? or whatever needs to be replaced - not sure about the guages, might only be mounting issues with that -the fairings need to be replaced for sure, i could be wrong but everything but the seats and rear (small wear) looks fubar BUT could be replaced if you're a bodyman or something -- my main concern is the frame and motor.. the engineer icbc hired to come look at the bike said the frame looked fine and im not sure what sort of damage can occur to a motor from just impact - i know it lost some oil from the filter being smooshed in, but i have no way of transporting this thing around to be checked out or even if anyone up here would bother looking at it (im in prince george of all places right now) so i guess my main questions are how can i find out if the motors running and what would the bike be worth if it IS infact okay?

    or any other tips you guys might have from past experiences


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    oh btw i didnt think i could sell my bike before the decision but my icbc guy said it wouldn't be a problem since they've had the engineer guy come take notes and pictures of it - so if i *don't* get blamed for it (100% in the right) they will just deduct what they'd get for it in an auction he said

    go figure

    and go DUCKS!

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    If someone cut you off and caused the accident, wouldn't it be the other party's fault doesn't matter if you hit his rear or side? So, let's say it's the other party's fault, doesn't matter if you have collision or not, the driver's insurance will be sufficient to cover you (that's why we are required to have insurance to drive/ride on the street, not for our protection, but for other people's protection) However, if ICBC decides to go 50/50 or even you at fault, then your insurance policy will pay for the damages done to the driver, but it will not cover your motorcyle.

    NOW, my question is, after ICBC looked over the bike, did they tell you if the bike was worth fixing? or were they planning on writting it off? If I were you, I wouldn't go ahead and sell the bike right now. I would wait for the outcome to see if the dirver was the one at fault.

    Possible outcomes

    #1) The driver is the one at fault, bike is fixable.

    Your bike will be fixed free of charge even if you only have basic policy because it's other party's fault and his/her insurance will pay for it. Sell the bike after it has been fixed. Don't forget to claim injury

    #2) The driver is the one at fault, bike is not fixable.

    Again, your bike should be covered. ICBC takes over the ownership of the bike, writes you a cheque and off you go. Claim injury!!

    #3) You are found at fault, bike is fixable/not fixable.

    If you are found to be at fault... then you are fucked. Since you only got basic policy, it'll only cover the damages that you've done to the car, not your bike. So your insurance premium goes up for next year, and you'll need to find ways to fix/sell your smashed bike... can't claim injuries either.

    Phone GPD, as they offer pick up service and can take a closer look at the damages and try to start up the bike to see if there's anthying wrong with the motor. I am pretty sure about the things above, but if I get something wrong, please don't get mad at me
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    third option may be liability is split 50/50, because he says he was rear ended, and you say he cut you off. In which case icbc pays for 50% of the repairs. (from his liability policy)
    I'd pay a bike shop mechanic to spend an hour or two and go over it and tell you what he thinks it needs for repairs. either that, or icbc might share with you their estimate (if they have one) I've known icbc to spare themselves the time involved in estimating a bike's damage, and have the shop do it for them.

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    yeah i guess i'll sit back and see what the final word is - unfortunately i dont have much faith in icbc, but even if i can get 50/50 and sell my bike as is and maybe just claim my severe ass kicking i got that day (pelvis broke in 2 places, freddy kreuger-esque skin leavings, etc..) i'll pick up a chromed out pocket bike and live my riding life that way

    ahhhhh the suck that is my life.

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    don't worry dude. If you had got collision you would have payed a much higher amount of insurance you payed last year and if you claimed your bike as collision, your rates would skyrocket to the neighbourhood of "not worth it after 2 years of paying this crap". My buddy lowsided last year while we were riding and totalled his GSXR. He had full insurance but did not claim it. The bike was worth about $6500, he was already paying $3000 a year. If he claimed his rates would have jumped to about $4800 a year or something sick like that. If your driving a 30K duc, it may be worth it but anything under $15K.... I generally only go for liability because it makes sense in the long haul for most situations. ICBC is a bitch and will probably choose the decision that costs them the least, which is your fault. They may go 50/50, which is good for you. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holyrain
    ICBC is a bitch and will probably choose the decision that costs them the least, which is your fault. They may go 50/50, which is good for you. Good luck.
    haha thanks... yeah i've never been one to claim personal injuries w/ icbc, always thinking i was doing the right thing (this after being in a serious accident where i was the 3rd party in a jetta that was rolled 300ft off hwy 16 east of pg) - i just thought that if i made it out alive and would fully recover then that was reward enough.. but after however many years of driving its been (im now 23) ive realized these guys really arent looking out for your best interest in most cases and with that in mind i've decided to claim this time if i get the chance - unfortunately for the bike i have no intentions of replacing it unless i the other guys found 100% in the wrong

    hopefully you're right tho and they go with what looks to cost them the least -

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    If you were cut off by the guy who you rearended, why wasn't he issued a ticket for unsafe lane change. It doesn't matter even if he had his signals on, his lane change must be safe. Unless he's got witnesses saying you were doing Mach 3. Bike you can fix. Glad you're not messed up.

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    Heal your pelivs first before you go worrying about the trivial shit surrounding the bike and costs, who's paying who's not..... Gas tanks are like can openers clcik for pic No witnesses = shit luck with ICBC. Best of luck to you with your recovery and ICBC
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