Boundary Bay - any good rumours????
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Thread: Boundary Bay - any good rumours????

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    Boundary Bay - any good rumours????

    Just got a phone call from a guy ( Andy ) who helps run events at BB. Apparently he was let go after REV SCENE had their drag racing on the weekend due to the excessive amount of spectators and media exposure. I've been working with Andy for about 4 years trying to get the municipality of Delta to lighten up on the use of the airport for motorsport activities, such as drifting, bike training, slalom racing, etc....

    Despite the fact that all the attention garnered by this event was generated and taken in a positive light, he was still let go over it. The guy is one of the most dedicated motorsport promoting individuals I have ever met. I'm super pissed about this.

    My Point...
    I hear rumours about BB from guys who have never even been there, I can only guess why. Let's please take note of how valuable these places are and, if you don't take part yourself, leave it for others to enjoy while it lasts. Why don't you guys start figuring things out and come ride instead of huddling up like a bunch of high schoolers and starting rumours. We all realize that motorcycles are inherently dangerous but BB offers a relatively safe place to practice valuable riding skills with access to experienced riders for advice. If you ride there, you should be standing up and supporting it. Bad media starts with stupid rumours, let's make sure people have their facts straight and don't ruin it for everyone else.

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    Man this sucks!!! I for one have not heard any rumours about it, but if I did, I would tear the person a new one if I knew they had not been out there! I for one help out in my own way by paying to be out there, and thanking Bill for the setup each and everytime I get out there. This place and Bill has helped my riding very much and has made me a much safer rider.
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    You have the best thing going in the GVRD as far as I'm concerned so dont get discouraged. I tried to get people out last year and as usual I got a whole bunch of excuses and some negative responses. My reply was " Have you been there? " And guess what the the answer was...." no ". Anyway keep up the good work.

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