Weird noises from engine...
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Thread: Weird noises from engine...

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    Weird noises from engine...

    My engine (03 600RR)seems to be making a funny noise. I can hear it best at lower rpms, but maybe its cause the engine's other/regular noises drowns it out. Its a kind of raspy noise that corresponds to engine rpm, so the higher the rpm the more frequent i hear it. At idle its continuous at a rate of about 2 "rasps" per second or so... i dont really know how to describe it but I had thought RR engines were supposed to sound silky smooth? I got it as a used bike and didnt really notice it until today. Maybe its always been like this and i just found out?

    Perhaps some fellow RR rider could let me listen to their engine?
    I'll probably take it to a shop to check it out tmr... but its kinda making me nervous...
    BTW what octane gas do ppl use?

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    regular is good enough according to the manual ....

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