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    Slip sliding away...

    Any of you guys have a solution to apply something on the gas tank so that you don't slid back and forth?

    I find that no matter how much you squeeze your knees against the tank under hard braking and acceleration, I still move around. I was looking at putting a sheet of thin rubber on either side of the tank but I can't find anything from the rubber manufacturers at would provide that type of grip.

    What do you guys use? I wear jeans with Kelvar, I suspect that leather pants won't have that issue.

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    I'm not 100% sure, but would a tank cover give you a bit more grip? The material of the tank cover and denim might not be much better then what you have already.

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    Stop putting armour all on your seat..LOL.
    I've seen some race bikes that have grip tape on the side of the gas tank. Your local skate shop could hook you up.
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    there are company's that make perforated foam rubber tank side pieces that are self adhering. i've seen them on some race bikes.
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