I love blogs! This is stuff you'd NEVER see on the CBC!

Here's the summary:

2002: $110 million Softwood Industry and Community Economic Adjustment Initiative (SICEAI) is created, designed to address the adjustment and transition needs of forest-dependent communities across Canada.

Through some shifty accounting, the funds were broken up into smaller grants to help out individual communities. Much of the individual funds did not add up and grants under $100,000 were not doccumented so the fund can not be audited.

Of the grants that are listed, 50% went to communities in Quebec, 40% to British Columbia, and 10% to Ontario. BC is responsible for 56% of the output, but was only approved for 40% of the money. Quebec was responsible for only 18% of exports over that same time, and yet garnered 50% of the approvals for contributions.
As for Ontario, one of the largest Ontario grants went to Sunnybrook and Women's College Hospital, which is downtown Toronto. Not a lot of softwood trees in downtown Toronto.

What was also interesting is the 83% of the money that went to BC went to one organization: the Community Futures Development Association of British Columbia, which in turn dispersed the money through its programs. On the other hand, the Quebec money went to individual communities, directly from the federal government.

What better way to buy votes in Quebec than to send money.
It's small potatoes in the grand scheme of things but a good example of how we are being scammed.. and they are OUR potatoes.

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