Anyone know of a GREAT shipping company
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Thread: Anyone know of a GREAT shipping company

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    gp star

    Anyone know of a GREAT shipping company

    I need to ship a car from Toronto to Vancouver. Has anyone done this before? Who did you use and what did you pay? Anyone experience any horror stories with a particular company? Thanks.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    call up trucking companies and find out whos comin' back from to and get em to load it on their truck if theygot room
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    Argh never mind

    You said from Toronto to Vancouver...

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    looking for one
    i think dhl is good

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    Searail may be decent? maybe? i remember picking up at least 2-3 cars from them and they didnt have any damage. i dont know if they do van-toronto.
    Allied-i honestly wouldn't use them because i've seen a fair bit of shipping damage from them.
    If the car is REALLY dear to you, make sure it goes into a closed trailer,not an open carrier.
    That's all the companies my dealership dealt with that i can think of

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    +1 Searail. I've had them ship 3 of my cars over from Toronto and I've recommended them to a ton of friends ... absolutely no complaints.

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