1998 CBR600 F3....or 1999 YZF-R6?
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Thread: 1998 CBR600 F3....or 1999 YZF-R6?

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    1998 CBR600 F3....or 1999 YZF-R6?

    I need some opinions from riders who have riden both of these bikes which one you prefer and which one would be better for a first bike.

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    R6 is more sport oriented, the f3 is dated. But the r6 has ghosts in the tranny and electricals. id stay away from both and pay the extra 3000 for a 600rr

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    First bike as in first bike ever? or first sportbike? Have you been riding dirt for several years? If it's your first bike period, much like me, read the articles in the New riders section. Or if you're to lazy (much like me), here's the links.

    Read this one:

    So you've decided to buy your first bike but don't know which...

    and this one in the article section:

    Best beginner bike.... Once and for all

    And at the end of that, if you feel like you want to get a Buell blast, find a nice wall and do this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quagmire
    R6 is more sport oriented, the f3 is dated. But the r6 has ghosts in the tranny and electricals. id stay away from both and pay the extra 3000 for a 600rr
    he/she is looking for a first bike. I don't think 600RR is the ideal first bike to learn things on.

    I haven't ridden any r6's but i have had a few f3's and i would recommend them. they have a very comfortable position, and are the easiest to manouver compared to ninja's and suzuki's from those years.

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    F3 is a great bike, I've got the F2 for my first bike, it's been really good to me.
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    I agree. The R6 is a great bike but combined with more-racer style ergos and short-wheel base makes it a much less forgiving bike to learn on. The F3 is heavier (about 35+ pounds) but it is a very easy bike to ride and I would definitely recommend it over the R6 for your needs.

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    i'd imagine a honda is easier to learn on. I've had a pretty good time learning on my f4i so far. I tried an R6 and it definitely has more kick, but not the best bike to learn on.

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    screw the fairings and get a SV650S of a Bandit 600.
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    I'd strongly recommend the F3. Its more comfortable, more forgiving, and I'd say much easier to learn to ride with. Take a course (ie. Action)
    Don't worry about magazine reviews and (most) internet opinions, anyhow. Not at this stage of your motorcycling career. Besides, an experienced rider with maybe some race training on an F3 will be able to ride circles around most of the R6's on the road.
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    lol crema, you retard
    i need money =(

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