Wtb: highpipe for F4i
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Thread: Wtb: highpipe for F4i

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    Wtb: highpipe for F4i

    im looking to buy a new or used high pipe for my F4i but the catch is that i want to keep my rear pegs... which brands carry high mount and still retain the rear pegs???? i need to know asap...

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    Get a Devil pipe......Youll need to order it from the states, but it has a sweet sound and will be rare to see in the city. With either their Shotgun or SB2 pipes, you can keep the rear pegs. The shotgun is sweet because of the twin pipe design.

    Be prepared to pay some good bucks though, but If I was to so it again I would have bought one.

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    i'm pretty sure extreme graphics in quebec carries devil pipes now. you mite wanna check it out i think the address is

    www.extremegraphicsfmsd.com or somthing like that.....

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    i think leo da vinci does them too.

    thought you were selling your bike man

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