saturday and drunk as fuck
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Thread: saturday and drunk as fuck

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    saturday and drunk as fuck

    well team, after a tough day of cutting branches, pruning, and washing karens car, i am now getting f^%$#@)!@ hammered. coronas followed by a classic martini. dinner will be sauteed shrimp over basmati rice with cuban vegetables. karen doesn't know i haven't paid for my new tires yet. can you say i'm suckholing?

    man i love racing!
    Náisiúnaithe na hÉireann.

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    Was just thinkin I haven't seen a "drunk as fuck " posting for a while.........on my way to being there myself........but you win.

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    It might be easier for us to keep track if Ted would only post when he wasn't DAF.
    Work sucks -- let's go riding!

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    I'm starting to fall behind. I'm not nearly as DAF as often anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpideRider
    I'm starting to fall behind. I'm not nearly as DAF as often anymore.
    even worse, it doesn't take as much to get DAF any more.

    my DSU degree is becoming tarnished due to neglect.

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