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    Smile Motorcycle safety

    Hi Ladies and Gentelmen,

    I'm running a survey to get peoples opinion on safety and I'd appreciate it if you could please go to the below web site and take part in it.

    As a small token of my appreciation there will be a draw for a 50 dollar gift certificate to the online retailer of your choice.

    The purpose of this survey is to gather some information on safety and will be used to help direct my small business. The survey is relatively short and should not take any more than five minutes and if you have any questions or concerns you can contact me by email (

    The survey can be found at the following web site.


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    I just want to thank every one that has or will take part in my survey, I really appreciate the help.


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    So are you going to be selling this product locally?

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    Glad to see you are doing a market move!

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    The Straight Story On Kevlar®

    Aero Design (Aerostich Riderwearhouse) pioneered abrasion-resistant motorcycle riders' suits made of advanced technology fabrics, and we continue to be a world leader in this field. So we're often asked why we choose Cordura® nylon, ballistic nylon, and Gore-Tex® laminates for our Roadcrafter and Darien garments. Why not Kevlar®?

    We'd heard good things about Kevlar's® qualities when we started our work, but back then Kevlar® simply wasn't available in a useable form, so we chose the most effective materials available. Our rigorous original testing and subsequent experience (as well as our customers') has shown Cordura® nylon's abrasion resistance is not merely sufficient, but it has far surpassed riders' needs and expectations.* We've examined and repaired hundreds of crashed suits, some tested at over 100 mph. Visit our shop sometime and we'll show you actual crash tested suits and our abrasion testing materials and apparatus. Today Kevlar® is manufactured in a useable form only by Schoeller Textile Company in Switzerland. It's readily available and used by other makers of protective riders' clothing.

    We still choose Cordura®, not Kevlar®. Here's why: Its advantages just don't make up for its disadvantages.

    In pure, undiluted form, Kevlar® is lighter than nylon and has greater tensile strength. It won't melt like nylon after touching a hot muffler (or from the friction-generated heat of a high speed slide on hot pavement). Unfortunately, it's expensive and difficult to work with, which limits design and construction possibilities. And believe it or not, pure Kevlar® fabric actually is much less abrasion-resistant than Cordura nylon. Kevlar® fibers have far less elasticity than Cordura® nylon fibers, a crucial handicap in a crash. Even the smoothest pavements have a rough aggregate surface that causes abrasive pulling. Nylon's stretchy fibers will elongate, ride over the surface irregularities, then snap back into the weave (like a tree bending in a strong wind), but Kevlar® fibers quickly reach their tensile limit and snap.

    To solve these problems, manufacturers blend Kevlar® with Lycra® and nylon. In this blend, "Kevlar®" is only about one third actual Kevlar®. This creates problems. Because of the additional nylon and Lycra®, much of its slight weight advantage over Cordura® is lost. It also loses some of its fire-resistant qualities. The blended Kevlar® fabric may burn or melt (just like nylon) when it comes in contact with a flame, hot component, or high frictional heat.

    Some Kevlar® suits may provide good crash performance because they are specifically designed for sanctioned competitive roadracing. Roadcrafter suits aren't, but fortunately they're designed for everything else, including abrasion resistance at highway speeds.

    We've tested (and will continue to test) Cordura® nylon against the alternatives. Its superior comfort, easy workability and excellent abrasion resistance make it our choice for quality, versatile, high performance riders' clothing. You've got a choice between the Roadcrafter and its proven record of outstanding abrasion performance, and something that costs more and delivers less. Guess what we recommend.

    * For detailed information on leather vs. nylon vs. Kevlar®, see the September 1989 issue of Cycle. In the cover story, the editors duplicated the Aero Design tests developed for the first Roadcrafter suits. The April 1993 issue of Motorcyclist also has a feature on comparative abrasion resistance of various materials.

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