Stolen Bike Spotted .....
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Thread: Stolen Bike Spotted .....

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    Stolen Bike Spotted .....

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    stolen bike

    goddamn that sucks!!!!!!!

    So close yet so far away.
    I can't believe such an information wouldn't have triggred some sort of undercover operation by the cops.
    I mean, if they get informed there are stolen goods INSIDE the house, they should be able to do something...

    I understand they can't just barge in-otherwise they could do that to anyone they please, based on an 'anonymous tip' for example, but maby put a camera looking directly on the garage door or something-that way if someone opens it, they could get a nice look inside.

    Also, i just wanted to say that here's a prime example that sometimes being proactive pays off..sort of.
    The guy may not get his bike back, but hopefully in the long run the whole goddamn house will get shut down-it's propably a hub for stolen goods.
    so something good will eventually come out of this.

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