Custom Leather pants ...anyone local?
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Thread: Custom Leather pants ...anyone local?

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    Custom Leather pants ...anyone local?

    Hey all.

    I got all my gear except a good pair of riding pants. I am a short dude (5'4) so it's hard to find off the rack leather pants. Instead of mail-ordering some from Vanson or Z Custom, I would like to support someone local. Is there anyone that can make roadrace style leather pants (knee-pucks ect) here in the Lower Mainland. I have heard of Ralph's in Maple Ridge..but I don't know if they do made-to-measure items. I would also be interested to know what something like that would cost. ( if you have had some made for you)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Ralph can make you anything. Go see ralph.

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    yellow pages, under leather goods, repair.

    all the info you will never need.

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    This is basically a 'ditto' comment. Ralph Petraroia, ie Ralph's Leathers, out in Haney, does beautiful work. He did my first leather jacket back in '84, did pants for me in '89 and a jacket for my wife in '92. He is also fucking great at doing repairs.

    Like anything custom, bring pics, drawings whatever of what you would like. Also, let him know what kind of liner fabric you want, ie stretch, breathable, quilted, satin, blah de blah.

    A case of beer, bottle of decent red etc. couldn't hurt either

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    I agree,Ralph is awsome!!
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