RC 51 Project with before and after photo's
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Thread: RC 51 Project with before and after photo's

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    RC 51 Project with before and after photo's

    Whats up y'all

    I haven't posted up for a while but i'm still in Detroit doin my thing. Anyways i got the bike together over the winter and started riding about a month ago (it was snowing here till the beginning of may).

    Here is a before and after photo. I've added some things (theres a black honda wing decal on the tank now) since that after photo was taken (the black one) but thats basically it.

    I really like how the bike is set up right now. Handles great and pulls hard. Ready for some track days at Grattan and Mid Ohio.

    I've added muzzy pipes, a mapped power commander, RC specific mods ( flapper, pair and soft rev), ebc pads and kevlar lines. 15/41 520 gearing. A scotts steering damper and 10 w fork oil. The 51 has really expanded my mechanical ability with all these mods.

    It apperantly pulled 131.8 on the dyno the other day...not too sure how accurate those dyno's are b/c it seemed a little high.

    Anyways just thought i'd let you guys know whats up. Peace
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    nice ,flat black always gets my vote !

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    Love RC's in flat black.
    Decal it up!

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