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    Oil Game?

    Hi All.

    I'm trying to find a game that I played when I was younger.
    It was an oil drilling game on either the N64 or Nintendo or Commander or PC.

    You saw land and then as a cross-section dirt below with rocks and oil areas. You had to use your existing metal tubes to make a way to the oil to extract it. If you ran into a rock or something, you lost a metal tube.

    Anyone remember the (*&^%$#@%$#$%@ name of it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    forget about it, all of the worlds oil is gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radmtnbkr
    forget about it, all of the worlds oil is gone.
    That's very funny actually. And sad cause it's sorta true.

    The reason I need it is cause I'm making an oil industry 911 type movie and I need footage of a george bush look-a-like playing that game.

    Anybody else?

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    I still don't get how you can go from n64 to NES to commador 64

    give this a shot: http://www.nesfiles.com/


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