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Thread: question for a two stroke mechanic

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    Question question for a two stroke mechanic

    My boss has a 1971 dt250 enduro its a 2 stroke bike and he has problems cold starting, and also when climbing hills it bogs out.
    we adjusted the air/fuel and that makes it worse,and there is no bottom end.If anyone has any tricks or clue whats wrong please reply.
    Thanks Jer

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    It sound like U got a few problems. 1st is the air filter dirty?2nd is it oil injection or mixed( gas and oil mixed together)? 3rd is the plug u got in it the correct 1? I will take a guess and say ur bogging problem is that u are to rich on the needle, it may be to big on the main. The starting problem could be to rich on the pilot jet, and that will also make ur bottem end suck.I could sort out ur problems but I need some more info. 1 does the carb have an ajustable needle? 2 what is ur gas oil ratio. 3 What size are ur jets (pilot, and main)? It can be tuned to run good but it will take a bit of time. Let me know, if u have troble I will help u, I have been racing and tuning MX bike for 20 years.

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