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    broken screw

    was doing a coolant flush on my bike and everything was going ok until i was screwing in the coolant drain screw. i guess i screwed it in a little too much and the head broke off. the drain screw screws onto the water pump cover, so i figure i'd take the cover off and see if the body (?) was sticking out the other side and maybe i can just use pliers to unscrew it out. however, none of it is sticking out.

    what's the best way to take it out?

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    drill a small hole in the middle of it and use an ez out. although it probably won't be so easy.

    if you are super good with a dremel, you might be able to cut a slot in it and get a screwdriver to turn it out, but i think chances of that working are even slimmer.

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    Don't forget to order a new screw so you'll be all ready to put it back together.

    Be careful with the Easy Out, and use the right sized one.

    They're hardened steel, and a hell of a lot harder to drill out if you break it off.

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    my favorite method is to slot the stud with a dremmel cutoff wheel and use a flat screwdriver. Only if there's room of course.

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