geek in the red shirt kicks ass !!
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Thread: geek in the red shirt kicks ass !!

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    phantom menace

    geek in the red shirt kicks ass !!

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    it now looks, sounds AND rides like a cage =(
    Quote Originally Posted by phantom menace
    Repost i think... but he's not really a geek =P. He's a really well known Bboy from a crew called Massive Monkeys ( i think that's where he's from). That's just his style, insane flexibility. I don't dig it that much.... but he is original

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    holly fuuck--that guy is all broken n shit lol

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    seen this guy in a couple vids..... he's do you do that kinda stuff if you're not double jointed in most body parts??? and yes, yes he did show the other guy "whats up"...sorry just drunk and posting for the hell of it.....I'd still bust that out in the club and look like the whitest guy there

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