how much does a tard cost
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Thread: how much does a tard cost

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    how much does a tard cost

    i've been thinking.. once i sell the r1, i've been leaning towards getting a tard.

    im curious about how much tards costs. the differences between the brands and manufacturers and what they come with stock.

    i have ridden a tard before.. a honda 650r or something like that, tonnes of fun!!

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    Buy the Husky at 5th gear. It comes pre-built as a supermoto and saves you the conversion cost. Price is pretty good. You couldn't build one that cheap. There's always the Suzuki, but they're down on power and a little heavy if you want to do serious performance riding or race it.

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    They are the same as a new 600 Sportbike. But definatley go see Bill @ 5th Gear.

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    yeah my crf 450 was at least 10-11 grand when all said and done. but I had to start with a dirtbike and convert part by part. if you start with a ktm or husky where is comes as a supermoto it might not be as much

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    Since you asked here are the costs I incurred while converting my own, and going the Husky route.

    2000 DRZ S = $4000 CDN.
    17" wheels (rims, hubs, rubber) = $1800 CDN.
    Brakes (320mm rotor, 4 pot caliper, SS front line) = $600 US.

    Total cost = just under $7000 CDN for the basics, I also added stuff like exhaust and new plastic, etc. but the above represents what most people consider the minimum conversion. With everything my ACTUAL cost was closer to $8000 CDN.

    2004 SM 450 = $5500 US.
    Street legal stuff (lights, switches, etc.) = $300 US.

    Total cost = just under $8000 CDN for top of the line stuff, and if I wanted I could have spent a lot less on the street bits but since it was new I figured there was no sense in cheaping out. I also upgraded some of the stock items like brake light, headlight, and speedo and with that my actual cost was closer to $10,000 CDN.

    These are pretty accurate prices, I put the DRZ together in 2002 though so the prices may have changed. As you can see, the Husky cost more but it was a MUCH BETTER BIKE. The components are excellent and the bike is set up for SM riding whereas on the DRZ the suspension was soft and it did not handle at the same level as the Husky. In fact I would not convert my own bike again unless I was given a super deal on a dual purpose to begin with because the factory motards are a way better value. My next SM will again be right from the factory but try them out for yourself. Throw a leg over someone's converted DRZ, WR, or XR and then try a Husky or KTM and you will notice a huge difference--even if you have never ridden a supermoto before.

    That being said, if my DRZ had not been stolen I would still be happily cruising around on that because SM's are just great all around bikes. Hope that helps.

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