I have a 6 month old Dell Insperion 9100 Laptop for sale, it's pretty much loaded with everything you could ever need. This is the same as the XPS except without the gigabit lan. It is really a desktop replacement,3.2g HT P4, DVD (nec 6500a)dual layer burner +/- R/RW, 100 g HD, ati 9800/256 meg mobility graphics, 15.4" screen(1280x800), subwoofer built in, 1 gig ram(dual channel PC 3200), built in wireless G, 10/100 lan, 56 k modem, fire wire, usb 2.0, etc..It rocks all the current games, Doom 3, HL2, Wow, etc..

It was purchased brand new, not a refurb, and still has approx 6 months of factory waranty left on it.

I paid $3100 + tax in November, I am looking for $2000 or a possible trade for a starter sport bike (250cc or somethin), older, or needs work ok.

PM me for more info and pics, no scrathes, no dead pixels on the lcd, problems at all.