Hey all, I know theres a lot of these posts going around but I'm just looking at my options right now....I'm a student at uvic right now hence the low price. But I have caught the bug ever since I quit motocross and have been obsessed since about 6 years ago. so yeah if anyone has anything remotely close to what I'm looking for, 1995 +, 600cc or higher ( don't really want a litre) POST IT UP or email me tomjames4@hotmail.com. it will take me a bit to get the $ (student line of credit just gotta get it bumped up a bit) but as soon as I find something reasonable it won't take long (know my banker). anyway thanks to all who read this post and respond...would rather buy from someone from this site than from the buy&sell. thanks and keep the rubber side down.
cheers TJ