rider down but not out
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Thread: rider down but not out

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    rider down but not out

    Well it happened to me on May 24th but I just got outta the hospital Yesteterday.

    I was on my way to work it was just a little after 6:05 am on the brisk morning after our long weekend.

    I was travelling down sw marine when I looked down at my speed cause the other side of the little hill cops always camp out. I was doing 53kph safe!
    Look up theres a blue camaro that decided he would run the light at 70th and tunr left onto marine. I guess he didnt see me coming. I didnt have much time to react. I was in far left lane in lp1 could't make it around the back of him. 2 Choices left t bone him or scoot around the front. I think I could have made it around the front of him but then I would have had oncoming traffic to deal with at marine (which I was on) had the green and not the yahoo in the camaro. So I decided just hit him. He had his arm out bracing for impact and I hit right by his door.
    I didnt want the impact to suddenly stop me cause I thought that would kill me soo as soon as I hit the car I jumped. From what I can remember my right leg hit the corner of the roof and I slid up dragging the rest of my leg. They said I felw 27ft before I hit the ground. Then I slid a lil.

    The damage

    Broken right femur now I have a 40cm rod insid of it.
    Right knee fuggered got a big surgery taking part of my hamstring to repair the ligaments.
    then a huge lasteration on my chin.

    I was wearing a helmet (which got rashed bad I must have done a huge face plant)
    leather jacket
    icon gloves andsome sidi boots.
    The right boot leather got puntured in 2 spots tore the stiching and broke part of thetoe slider off. As well as the impact spot on the chin that chattered and coincides with where U have a huge cut on my chin I guess im spelling that wrong i mean below my knee not my face oh shit shin im too drugged to go back and fix it all.

    oh i also got some very small road rash on my left hand and a little bit like quater sise on my right hip. I needed 2 blood transfusions

    Other than that I am all right. Which is pretty good considering what happend. I must say my helmet worked wonders no pain no sratches nothing necks not even sore I am a lucky boy to even be alive.

    Now I have been riding mx since I was 4 years old. This should just go out as a warning to others. IT doesnt matter how good you are. Sometime it just doesnt matter and it really is the other persons fault.

    Had I not been wearing as much gear I would have been toast esp my boots.

    also to all those yahoos wearing the beanies Well your beyond words for me its your head.

    Not trying to make this a bash idiot squids I have been a squid many times myself just another eye opener as there seems to be a rise in accidents lately.

    Every time you go out expect at least 3 cars to do something to try and kill you it just happens that way.

    Every one be safe and I'll see you back on the road next year.
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    Glad you made it out alive, some others were not that lucky. Hope you heal up fast and get back riding. Hope icbc does the right thing and looks after you. Your pain and suffering has got to be worth something$$.

    Thanks for sharing your story, hope it will make others think abit more and always use caution. Remember SIPDE!
    Easy Flash!

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    Stupid cars.........glad to hear your ok. Heal fast man!

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    Wow, heal quickly! Thanks for posting your experience.

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    Good to hear you are on the mend. Your story certainly shows how little time it takes to be the next "rider down". Hope you are up and around soon. Must be good drugs you're on.

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    Good to hear you're doing ok considering. Heal up quickly.

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    Bionic-man! Heal fast man!!!
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    Damn, very shitty deal I hope their are some consequences for the camaro driver! Heal up fast man, hope to see you out again some day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Green 9R
    Stupid cars.........glad to hear your ok. Heal fast man!
    Yup cars are stupid, but without a driver they're harmless!
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    Glad to hear your "ok" (which is only relative 'cause you sound pretty fucked up).

    Get well soon and thanks for sharing your experience!

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    Heal fast man! Glad you made it out alive.
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    Dude, chicks dig scars and we dig that you're around to post this.
    I'm in Burnaby as well, you need a hand with anything, even a Mc D's run while you're healing, give me a shout

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    chalk one up for good gear. get well soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sethro250
    Damn, very shitty deal I hope their are some consequences for the camaro driver! Heal up fast man, hope to see you out again some day!

    attempted murder?

    assault with a deadly weapon?

    big ass lawsuit?
    2 wheels or 4 wheel drive

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