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    Question Kawasaki KR1

    sup yall, Im a new rider (taking action course starting July). I am planning to take the course, learn how to ride a bike then go buy my buddy's '87 Kawasaki KR1. Only thing is the side mirror is fuked.... it is currenly held onto the bike with tape (the kind of tape you find at school, lol, ykno that semi-clear shit?)

    I just want to know where i can find a new side mirror to replace it? Are there kawasaki parts available in Van?

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    3rd matt
    The KR1 is a cool little bike so take it to somewhere like speedy auto glass and they will cut out a cheap mirror for like $20 or something like that figure. If the bike is ever for sale post me.

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    The KR1 is a greymarket bike. Best of luck getting parts for one when things go wrong. And that they will as it's a two stroke with a power valve system that needs regular maintanance. That aside it is one hell of a fast bike for a 250cc twin. 130 something MPH it was clocked in a "Performance Bike" test back in the day. Not a bad little track bike as well. Tires will be hard to get in your sizes but hell who needs good rubber.......
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    Being the owner of A TZR 250, I have similar problems and the tire choice is limited to Bridgestone only, not too many manufactures make 120/80/17 tires anymore. Had my motor redone by Allbike (Darcy) and I heard of no problems sourcing parts.

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