One of my fave games is "Blow up the hardley".

Invariably, one of these things will want to pass you to show off his superior power and speed.
Make it a bit of a struggle for him. Slide your arse from side to side on the gentle corners. Crouch low on the straights. Tease him a bit. Finally, let him go especially if you are in radar trap country. Let him get ahead a fair ways to clear the way of cops. Once clear of radar country, speed up and give him some nudges. I call this "bird dogging". He will speed up substantially thinking you are catching him. See how fast you can get him to go and for how long. It's great fun.
Last time I did this, the hardley started to give the odd backfire on acceleration. It soon worsened with loud "bams". If he had had a muffler he would have blown it off. Pretty soon, he had to give up and pull off.

You can modify the game by staying ahead all the time and letting them catch up occasionally. You can substitute an old volkswagon beetle or van, or a Pontiac firefly.

I know it may not be entirely fair but it is entertaining on those long lonely stretches of highway.

Anyone else with fave games to play?