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    Unhappy New rider down :(

    I was cruising down Main street in van on saturday when a lady about 20 feet in front of me decided to veer off into the right lane. It looked like she changed her mind mid turn and slammed on the brakes, but by then it was too late for me. I did everything that i could to avoid crashing into her, at least I was successful there but by then i laid the bike down doing about 20kph, ending up scratching up the right hand side fairings, bent the rear brake lever and the right foot peg. I was taken away to a local hospital afterwards to treat a dislocated right shoulder and some minor scratches.

    Pretty shitty time for an accident to happen as im just on vacation from the okanagan, now im just ki.ling time waiting to talk to ICBC and the police on monday. I managed to contact one witness but he didnt see the whole incident go down, just saw me brake hard and fall off.

    Im pretty sure ICBC is going to fuck me over in this situation, but as this being my first accident ever, just wondering if you guys had any imput or advice on how I could better deal with this situation tommorow, thanks.

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    icbc always fucks you over, whether you ride or drive

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    It's a Honda!!!
    If you are a roadstar then you will be forgiven on your accident. If you are not a roadstar then I am sorry to say you could end up paying. Do you have collision and comprehensive?? Once the bike is fixed and you know the cost of the repairs you have an option. You can pay ICBC back for the damages and your premiums will not increase. Plus you have until your renewal date to pay back the full cost of the repairs. So if your renewal date is a few months away then you have that time to come up with the money. I hope you can nail the driver for the accident.

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    From my experience:

    First, the Bike and your Injuries are two different matters. You've been injured. Don't discuss your injuries with the adjuster. Period. Just the facts of hospital admission and then generalities. Advise him/her nicely that neither they -nor you- are qualified to comment on the extent of -or longer term effects of- your injuries. It's your right to have an attorney -with doctor's reports, etc- deal with ICBC regarding your injuries later, as a separate matter.

    Not an issue for you? Well, after my low-speed crash 9 months ago I shrugged off the injuries, made no issue of it. I wore supports & braces for 6 weeks ...but hell, I was fine. Wrong. I didn't know it then but I can't do long rides anymore. Even today's weather makes my wrists and ankles ache so bad that typing is painful. A walk to the corner store is as far as I'll go. Otherwise, I'm driving. You're hurt: deal with it properly.

    Second, yes, you will get f*cked by ICBC. Where do you think their million dollar profits come from? Yes, if you had the RoadStar package this is your freebee accident. But even if you didn't have the pkg, you'd still take a hit on your future discounts on 'comprehensive' coverage, not your safe-driving discount on basic coverage. It's a relatively minor drop in terms of %... really, so don't sweat it.

    Most Important: You may have gone down -we all have or will- but you got back up. Don't beat yourself up over any of it. This was your "freebie" in the way that matters most. Salvage something of your holiday... cuz dude, all this is gonna pass.
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    all Im going to say is "someone pushed it over in the parking lot"
    you figure out the rest
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