1985 Honda Stalling when warm.
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Thread: 1985 Honda Stalling when warm.

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    1985 Honda Stalling when warm.

    Hi guys,

    I seached and read the threads on stalling.

    This bike is new to me... i have had it for less than a week, and have driven it only once.

    I start the bike, idle is at 1000rpm, i choke and warm up as requried, after bike is warm and before i go anywhere idle (no choke) is 3000 rpm, i take the bike for a slow run around town (3-5 min) in 1st and 2nd gear. After i have finished the run and come to a stop the bike stalls, bike will not idle without adding throttle when i re-start.

    I checked the basics, fan is running, coolant is topped up and warm, oil level is good, i just topped up the tank with premium when i bought the bike.

    From what i have read in the Stall posts my options are :
    -replace fuel filter
    -replace air filter
    -tune up carbs
    -check for kill switch sensor being stuck (bike dropped and sensor is faulty)
    -run some carb cleaners through with the fuel

    I dont have a bike mechanic in the town i live in, closest place is 1.5 hr drive away... is it safe to ride bike there is i choose the mechanic option ? or should i be trailering it ?

    Just looking for advice

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    Hey - my 89 CBR250R stalls when I slow down to stop (sometimes) when it's warm also. But I had to increase my idle once the bike is warm - it can't idle at 1000rpm or the bike stalls when I just go to creep out at a stop sign... so it idles around 1100-1200rpm....

    You should take the bike out for a longer ride -- and see if it still stalls when you slow down to stop. I kinda noticed that if I gear down and let the bike's revs go down accordingly then it doesn't stall when the engine hasn't warmed up completely... but still in the midst of trying to figure it out. I think I'm going to take it to my mechanic to see if he can figure out what's going on with it...

    As for riding it or trailer-ing it -- sorry no idea...

    Let me know if you find out what you need to do to your bike...
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    Thanks for reply Sol...

    I plan on doing a early ride tomorrow (dawn ish) unless someone tells me that i shouldnt be riding thae bike as is... Im hoping its just a fuel issue and not some more mechanical (carbs)...
    Bike only set me back $1200 so i can afford the service to set it straight if thats waht its going to take.

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    Hate to say but anything fuel related usually IS carbs unless it's some odd petcock/fuel filter issue.
    It sounds like it should be OK to ride. but,keep in mind that you'd probably need a ride back from the shop since it's probably not gonna be an hour job to fix.

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    Thx Greeneyes point taken... guess im trailering it.

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