Re-mounting rear passenger pegs...
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Thread: Re-mounting rear passenger pegs...

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    Re-mounting rear passenger pegs...

    Hey there,
    I've got a hindle exhaust that mounts in the same spot as my passenger pegs are suppose to. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions as to how I could go about putting the pegs back on.

    I was originally thinking just bolting the peg right over top of the hanger bracket but I don't think it would work quite like that. Anyone else ever run into this?
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    If the bike is the one in your avatar.. it looks like the bracket is custom.. I think for most low mount exhausts you're supposed to just use the passenger pegs, but the person you bought it from probably removed them and used the custom bracket instead. Try using the right passenger peg instead of the bracket and see if it will mount properly. The right peg should have a hole where the stock pipe used to mount.
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