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    I finally got back from my month long trip to usa, mainly to California. This is the "short" version of the ride..

    10.7 We had to camp first night at a rest stop close to Olympia cause we couldn't find any room at the camp sites (and Koa was over $30) so it wasn't the best possible start for the trip.

    11.7 Drove to see St. Helen. Great road, Great scenery. Continued to Astoria where we saw a Finnish brotherhood hall ( I'm Finnish btw) and across the street "Authentic Finnish sauna, the hottest spot in town" with a combined sex store. Wasn't too proud of my fellow Finlanders..

    13.7 Oregon Dunes.. I've never seen so many atv's and dune buggys ... They continued all night so it sure wasn't easy to fall asleep.. especially without our mattresses which had fallen from the backpack

    14.7 Almost crashed in the redwoods soon after Crescent city ; Two cars ahead us and after a curve the first one decided to turn left to a pull-out on the other side of the road.. The other car braked and steered to the right to avoid colliding and I braked and steerer past the First car in the middle of the lanes.. And yes there was oncomig traffic too..
    We stopped to a pull out soon after that and the first car came there 5mins later and actually apologized.. French tourists.
    Avenue of the giants wass also impressive as was the Standish-hickey's state campgound.. great place to swin and, if you dare, to jump of the cliffs.

    15.7 no 1 was a lot of fun to ride. and so was 128 that took us to napa where we camped at the fairgrounds.. $22!! (but if you arrive late and leave early....)

    16-18.7 San Francisco

    19.7 Back to hw 1, saw sea elephants and whales.. and super priced gas at Gorda : $2,5 / g for 87 !!!

    20.7 Hearst Castle

    22-26.7 Camped at Pt. Mugu sp close to Malibu.. Dolphins and lots of Pelicans at the beach and hundreds of Surfers. And a parking ticket at Santa Monica. ( I did nothing wrong, so I'm contesting the citation )

    27-29.7 Venice Beach and working out at Muscle Beach.. Yeah right. Universal Studios

    30.7-1.8 San Diego & day trip to Tijuana,

    2-6.8 Las Vegas.. Crossing the desert was something unreal. Sooo hot! But r6 stayed cool blasting 150+ to the casinos. Stayed at usahostels, they had a pool.

    . went for a limo/casino tour one night.. it was fun (very drunk)
    .Outside the strip Vegas is really sad place. Around the hostel for example lots of druggies, old poor people and whore's.. didn't really see "normal" people at all..

    6.8 Drove back to Venice beach.

    7.8 Off to SF, stopped at starcycle. There was one person taking good? care of customers and mailorder at the same time.. In Sf went to take some photos of Golden gate as I forgot last time and as the hostel was full I got this crazy Idea to continue riding all the way back to Vancouver.It was 8pm when I speeded North on I5. Continued till 4.30am when it was so cold that I had to stop and wait for the sun to come up. Sat in my sleeping bag at a rest area... too cold to sleep. continued riding and around 8.30 stopped for 2hours sleep as I almost fell asleep on the bike.
    Continued riding and was downtown Vancouver 9.30pm
    2200km in about 36h

    and now I gotta wash the bike.

    Anybody needs to know about camping spots or hostels around calfornia / westcoast, pm me and I probably can give few tips.

    R6 worked great all the time. I love it.

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    Holy crap! That is hard core!

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    I wish.
    Let see some pics dude. Sounds like a sweet trip - who did you go with?
    BCSB- Administrator

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    I had a friend of mine from Finland on the rear seat for few thousand k's. She did it pretty well, but then her boots left some marks on the bike, which is intolerable.. So I had to dump her

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    Originally posted by Candide
    I had a friend of mine from Finland on the rear seat for few thousand k's. She did it pretty well, but then her boots left some marks on the bike, which is intolerable.. So I had to dump her

    hopefully you are kidding....

    cool, post pic. and what is a CLE ?
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    Cool trip.
    How much stuff did you have and how did you store it with the R6?
    Was your butt permanently numb after Washington?
    Back on the saddle.

    My travels:

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    Champions limited edition..
    pics are coming... sooon I hope.

    I had a tank bag and she had a medium sized backpack. Tent was tied under the pack and the sleeping bags were really small ones. One in the tankbag and the other in back. We (she) dropped our mattresses on third day and after that we slept on clothes and towels... but hey, less things to carry for the remaining three weeks

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    sweet trip man

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