More cleaning out.....
I kinda like's getting rid of the stuff I don't really need/use anymore!

Sooo..... I'm selling my DIGITAL CAMERA!
This camera is failry high end and kicks major ass.

It's a FUJI FINEPIX S602. (Also know as the FUJI FinePix S20Pro)
This bad boy can put out just over 6 MEGA PIX no problem, and also records wicked video at 30 fps, which is pretty rare for a digital camera. Very smooth video.
Also has dual slot memory for 'compact flash', and 'smart media'. You can also use this camera as a webcam via USB connection(Cables comes with camera). There is almost nothing this camera can't do. Totally SLR like. Adjust F-stops, shutter speeds, etc. Camera is less than 24 months old, and was purchased at London Drugs in Richmond. The camera cost me over $1200.00 with the 512mb CF card, and Roots case. At the time a 512mb ULTRA card was about $400.00 You need the super ULTRA 512 card with this camera for the video to keep up. At 30fps it needs memory, and FAST memory!
Nothing wrong with the camera, and overall condition is very good.

Here are some samples of photo's I've taken.(Please note, I'm not a pro, and never had any training!*lol) (EX-WIFE) (EX-BIKE) (EX-FRIEND) (EX-GIRLFRIEND THAT COULD'A BEEN ) *lol* (STILL FRIENDS, KINDA. HIS WIFE THINKS I'M A BAD INFLUENCE, AND THINKS I'M TOO MUCH OF A PLAYER-NOT ALLOWED TO HANG WITH ME ANYMORE*lol*)

I'm sure you get the drift....

Take'r away at $550.00.