Hi guys and gals,

I'm the store manager at the Coquitlam Canadian Tire Store (across from IKEA) and we're currently looking for some service writers. Figured there must be a few people on here interested in transportation technology!

Incase you're wondering, a service writer is the person who works on the front desk in the auto service department and is kinda like the liaison between the tech and the customer.

We're looking for someone full time and someone who is familiar enough with the mechanicals of a car to be comfortable enough explaining to a customer the procedure the mechanic is performing on their vehicle. (If you would be able to do your own brakes you probably meet the mark)

Experience in the field is a HUGE plus but deffinetly not required. Call me at the store or drop by and hand in a resume (make sure you give it to me). Wage varies based on experience etc. Feel free to call if you have any questions at all!


Adam Roseneck
604-527-8828 extension #234